I feel like the world of newgrounds hates me.

2013-09-16 16:29:22 by Zeldafan217

That is, IF they heard of me.

Every time I make a news post about one of my audio reels, that exact reel gets a low rating.

even if it was a five star audio reel for days before the post…

I want everyone to know that if it came off as boasting I'm Sorry.

I just wanted to get my work out there.

but, I have good news too.

I have landed a pretty big role in an upcoming web series.

I will be President Fyrat of the Galactic Embassy in a show called Galactic embassy: earth division.

It's my first big role.

I'm excited.

and the video below is the introduction/ briefing to the show.

I'm not in that one so… please don't dislike the vid.

I don't want the show's creator getting hurt feelings on my account.

This is my shot to get out there, it means a lot to me. So please, please PLEASE don't ruin my dream.

I will keep trying no matter what.

I THOUGHT newgrounds would be a great fist step, but IT didn't help me land this role. I had to search for other sites.

like BehindTheVoiceActors

Again I'm sorry for posting about Every reel I do.

I haven't decided yet… but if things don't change… I will probably leave newgrounds.

if I do, this is goodbye.

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2013-09-16 18:30:47

It's easier to use multiple sites rather than just one. You should stay, just use the whole interwebs to your advantage! Better to stay & not miss a opportunity than to leave & miss one. Just what I've found.


2013-09-16 19:54:33

Congrats on the gig!

Zeldafan217 responds:

thanks, the kickstarter is up if you wanna see it.