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I'm very pleased to announce that I will be playing Diego in The english dubbed version of SkullLinks flash series. For those who don't know what it is... Dora The Teenage Explorer is a parody of a certain childrens learning show of a similar name.

More specifically her life as a teen after the popular series ended. You can watch episode one right here on newgrounds.

It's pretty darn funny.

Diego will be in episode 3. I also have small roles in episode 2.

If you didn't know, SkullLink has a seperate youtube channel for his original versions. Then he translates them to english. 




Hello, people of Newgrounds.

I am here to inform you of an upcoming webseries.

It's title is Glactic Embassy:  Earth Division... or GEED.

Technically speaking, this is my first big role.



I will be playing the very Head of the galactic embassy itself.

President Fyrat.

The show has an interesting premise, and seeing as I have voiced my part for episodes one and two already. (and seen the entire scripts for them as well. TEE HEE)


I can say you will probably love it, espoecially if you are a fan of the slightly more serious vids on this site.

If you are a fan of science fiction with a side of action AND humor.

if you are a fan of Joss whedon's team dynamics.

 this isnt a space western, but the characters don't get along alot of the time. they make little quips about eachother... aometimes straight up fighting one another...

There's cool creatures, alien races, earth being a total wasteland and most of the human's who survived having mutations and powers.


WOOPSIE, was I supposed to say that?

if you want to be a part of this the kickstarter campaign is onging.

If there's one thing we need it's support.


Oh, did I mention the rewards?


if you donate enough to our cause You can actually BE in the show, as an extra OR even a recurring character with AN IMPORTANT ROLE!!


you can get a body pillow, non canon art... help write lines OR an entire episode...EVEN get an animated and personalised message from the crew. and a signed poster.



oh, and before I forget.

welcome to the galactic embassy.


Need voice work?

2013-10-28 17:55:12 by Zeldafan217

I am open to working with anyone, on any project…

Even adult stuff.

no pay.

I just want to get my voice out there.


Star Trek Continues.

2013-09-17 10:05:23 by Zeldafan217

I know a lot of people on newgrounds are otaku, but I'm curious as to just how many are trekkies?

I wanted to share this wonderful fan made fan series/ continuation of the original series.

Vic Mignogna plays kirk.

Grant Imahara plays sulu.

The Son Of The original scotty Reprises his fathers role.

Todd Haberkorn as spock.

plus an actor from the original series comes to reprise his role as the main problem for the crew.


I feel like the world of newgrounds hates me.

2013-09-16 16:29:22 by Zeldafan217

That is, IF they heard of me.

Every time I make a news post about one of my audio reels, that exact reel gets a low rating.

even if it was a five star audio reel for days before the post…

I want everyone to know that if it came off as boasting I'm Sorry.

I just wanted to get my work out there.

but, I have good news too.

I have landed a pretty big role in an upcoming web series.

I will be President Fyrat of the Galactic Embassy in a show called Galactic embassy: earth division.

It's my first big role.

I'm excited.

and the video below is the introduction/ briefing to the show.

I'm not in that one so… please don't dislike the vid.

I don't want the show's creator getting hurt feelings on my account.

This is my shot to get out there, it means a lot to me. So please, please PLEASE don't ruin my dream.

I will keep trying no matter what.

I THOUGHT newgrounds would be a great fist step, but IT didn't help me land this role. I had to search for other sites.

like BehindTheVoiceActors

Again I'm sorry for posting about Every reel I do.

I haven't decided yet… but if things don't change… I will probably leave newgrounds.

if I do, this is goodbye.

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check it out.
I'm not sure if its as good as I think, so please leave a review.
but only if you want…I'm not begging or anything.


To make a long story short, I need ADULT trekkies who can animate ADULT stuff, like sex type stuff. They need to know how to make it funny WITHOUT drastically changing appearance or warping figures. What these characters look like and how they move is very important to me. Which characters you ask? well I'm glad you asked, all the characters in the audio file below. I want this file animated, and please make it as high a quality as possible. Remember, ADULT as in 18+.
ADULTS ONLY! seriously… Now please listen to the audio, so I don't have to tell you who's in it.
leave a comment at me if interested.

Trying my hand at hentai VO

2013-08-07 17:53:49 by Zeldafan217

I am open to any adult projects that you may need a male voice actor for.

let me know.
I especially like yaoi.


a small sample.

Do you need a voice actor?

2013-07-20 18:13:49 by Zeldafan217

I'm usually more of an impressionist than an ACTUAL voice actor, but Today I tried my own thing. turned out surprisingly well in my opinion.

check it out, and if you like it... give me a try.


Voice actor for hire!

2013-06-19 15:28:54 by Zeldafan217

I will work for free. I will work for fun, I will take it seriously. I have a great range. listen to this.


its mostly impersonations but theres an original voice too.